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Coming soon at a desk near you…

Center - I forgot exactly what the center is, it could be any of the following ingredients: white peach syrup, roasted walnuts, strawberries and maybe blueberries.

Layers - 3 to 4 layers.

Size - 8 ball pool table size; subject to change, as it grows each year.

Gestation period - started roughly 4 weeks ago

Serving - frozen then wait 20 minutes then munch on them

Experience - I'm not joking it will probably explode so be prepared for making a mess on your work desk: white peach syrup

Ingredients -:

• Dried Dates

• Flaxseeds

• Coconut Oil

• Linseeds

• Fine Sea Salt

• Maple Syrup

• Cocoa Powder

• Hazelnuts, Toasted, Skins Rubbed Off And Roughly Chopped

• Pure Vanilla Essence

• Cocoa Powder, Extra, For Dusting

• Ground Cinnamon

• Almonds, Divided

• Sunflower Seeds

• Pumpkin Seeds

• Puffed Rice

• Low-Sugar Cranberries

• Maple Syrup

• Almond Butter

• Almond Milk

• Salt

• Vegan Dark Chocolate

Coming soon at a desk near you…
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